Since an early age, Nhat Minh has always had a fascination with art and form. Being born and raised in colorful Saigon has seen an adaption in his work to the unique and diverse cultural wonderland of his home city. An education in graphic design at the respected University Of Architecture HCMC drove Nhat Minh to explore the finer details of his work and harbored an interest in the world of fashion.
      Minh's personal interests are in distinctive portraiture with a love of black and white photography that captures those extraordinary moments in time. Minh’s talents exploded though his self taught dedication to his work. His growing portfolio consists of high fashion editorial for exclusive local brands through to international leading fashion houses, beauty products and lifestyle segments. Currently working with the biggest names in Vietnamese Fashion Culture such as Elle Vietnam and Dep Magazine is raising Nhat Minh's profile on both a national and international level. His career has rapidly expanded to be one of the most demanded talents in the Vietnamese fashion world in both garment design and photography.

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